It’s been over a month since the launch of open beta and I have been playing the draft events ever since. Mainly competitive draft, since it provides the full Magic experience of having a sideboard and allowing you come back to win the match with back to back wins on game two and three.

Doom Whisperer
Doom Whisperer

I’ve played about 80 drafts so far and started recording my results for my last 20 drafts. I wanted to see what my Vault progress is like after drafting 3 draft packs. And since I am going to take the same cards most of the time (I do not rare draft or care for standard cards right now), my Vault progress should be relative quick? Please note:

  • It takes 900 points to open the Vault (or 100% Vault progress) and fifth copies of a mythic give 10 points; rares 5 points; uncommon 3 points and common 1 point. (Source)
  • I am not close to a full collection of the Guilds of Ravnica set since I do not rare draft but cards I do pick during a draft should be the fifth copy most of the time. Except Doom Whisperer. I’ve only seen that guy twice.

My Limited Spreadsheet

So are you curious about my win rate, gems earned, vault progress before/after a draft and all those good stuff?

Here it is! (It’s a Google document link)

A quick summary of the recorded drafts:

  • My current draft win rate stands at 67.5%
  • After profit and losses, my overall gem balance is 900 gems
  • I’ve opened 66 draft packs and earned 87 regular packs
  • Assuming each draft pack is worth 100 gems and regular pack 200 gems, I’ve earned 20,700 gems in pack value
  • My average Vault progress after each draft is 7.85%

7.85% of Vault progress translates to 70.65 progress points. Let’s round it to 70 points. So for each draft, that’s the equivalent of opening:

  • 7x fifth copy mythics or,
  • 14x fifth copy rares

If we divide it by 3 (we opened 3 draft packs), each draft pack give us 2.62% of Vault progress.

How does this compare to a regular pack?

Each regular pack gives us, assuming all commons and uncommons are fifth copies:

Rare Slot Progress Points Vault Percentage
No Fifth Copy 11 1.2%
Fifth Rare 16 1.8%
Fifth Mythic 21 2.3%

Without factoring in the bonuses of a regular pack, such as wildcard track progress and the chance for each card to be upgraded to a wildcard, a draft pack provides a higher Vault progress percentage than a regular pack.

  • At a 67.5% win rate (for me), that works out to be 4 wins and 2 losses per competitive draft.
  • With 4 wins, that would net me 5 extra regular packs.
  • Assuming all my packs contain fifth copies for the all the slots, I would get 16.85% Vault progress per draft.
  • Assuming no fifth copy for the rare slot, I’d get 13.85% Vault progress per draft.

Thoughts on Draft AI and Meta

Disinformation Campaign
Disinformation Campaign

I started recording my draft results at the same time of the patch where Wizards updated the AI draft opponents so that they are not undervaluing Dimir and Boros cards as much. The most obvious change is not seeing Disinformation Campaign anymore unless I open it myself or it’s an early pick in pack 3. I also never see Disinformation and Thought Erasure passed to me in pairs anymore.

My opponents are much more varied as well. A lot more Selesyna and Golgari guilds and less Dimir and Boros guilds.


Hope you found this post helpful. It should give you an idea what the Vault progress is like for a draft/limited player on Magic Arena.

If you are curious about my draft process, you can check out my YouTube channel where I upload my drafts, deck building and all the matches.

I also do stream on Twitch, so be sure to check it out and give it a follow so you know when I go live.

And finally, free to ask questions or give feed back below. I read them all!