Update 25th October: State of the Beta for this month just came out! The only update that’s on the horizons is direct challenging friends. No other updates and changes are being planned. ETA November. Read more here.

We’re approaching the one month mark since Magic Arena Open launched. There haven been a trove of feedback and issues raised by the players but everything has been been pretty quiet from the Wizards’ (creators of Magic the Gathering) camp so far. The last post on the Arena’s subreddit from a Wizards of the Coast staff was on the 9th of October. Here’s a recap of issues and the status of them from the past few weeks.

Note: A lot of the issues are on the table and Wizards are aware of them. Read this State of the Beta post.

Unlocking New Player Experience Decks

This was the first big out outcry from the players–the NPE decks that are given out were based on chance. There was a total of 10 decks and each player can get up to 5 of them. Which ones you get is randomly decided. Naturally, some of these decks were much more powerful (and contained more sought after cards) than others. It did not feel good if a player got stuck with five of the weakest decks due to circumstances outside your control.

Fortunately, Wizards’ response was simply making all ten decks available! Easy.

I'm too open not to take.
I’m too open not to take.

Dimir and Boros in Draft

While there is no hard data but the general concensus is that the AI opponents in drafts are not valuing aggro and Dimir (blue/black) cards. Strong cards like [scrylink]Skyknight Legionnaire[/scrylink] and [scrylink]Disinformation Campaign[/scrylink] are getting wheeled (passed around the table), allowing players to build a much stronger Boros/Dimir deck normally found in a draft setting.

Other draft quirks include always finding [scrylink]Disinformation Campaign[/scrylink] and [scrylink]Thought Erasure[/scrylink] together in the same pack. Both are powerful cards and ignored by the drafting AI.

No news or comments about this issue yet.

Fifth Card Solution

The Vault is an inadequate and temporary solution to the fifth card problem. It is a problem that has existed since closed beta with no new solution in sight. More and more players are reaching the point where the packs they open are all fifth copies and rendering all of them (almost) worthless.

Update on this issue may happen on the next State of the Beta post. No ETA on the post.

Friends List and Playing with Friends

Perhaps the most sought after feature in Magic Arena.

No news or update to this feature since September. Like the Fifth Card problem, it may be addressed in the next SotB post.


There is currently no purpose to ranks and climbing up the ranks. It was stated that it was one of the things being actively worked on back in September. No news or updates since.


No news or updates since this acknowledgement.

User Interface Improvements (Deck Builder, History Log)

Wizards are aware of the improvements they can make. No news or updates on actual changes or solutions.

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If there are any updates or changes, I’ll update this post accordingly. So everything’s pretty quiet for the month of October. Hopefully Wizards will have more to announce soon, before the end of October!