Today marked the launch of Magic The Gathering Arena open beta! Being a limited player, I immediately dived into sealed, using the gems from my welcome bundle purchased in closed beta.

My first sealed did not do so hot – I tried to make Boros (RW) work but did not get there. My next try was much better – snagging the maximum 7 wins for 2,200 gems and 3 packs with GWB Convoke.

BWG Deck List

7 Wins Magic Arena Sealed
Convoke is insane.

If you want to a closer look at the deck list, I have recreated it over at MTGGoldfish.

Here are my thoughts so far on Guild of Ravnica limited:

Convoke is very powerful

Especially against slower deck. When you have token generation, it is just insane acceleration. My final boss (when I was at 6 wins and 2 losses) played March of Multitudes for 10 tokens. The instant speed + convoke makes this card really, really terrifying.

Removals are as important as ever

There are quite a few early bombs that when not removed, snowballs. This also include mentor decks. I noticed its mainly RW and UB decks that have the biggest potential to snowball early game.

Gates and Lockets makes 3-4 mana decks possible

Especially Gates – they make 3 color decks so much easier to put together. I would say the power level of sealed are going to be much higher in Guilds of Ravnica due to the abundant mana fixing. More room to play powerful cards that are spread over 3-4 colors.

Surveil provides so much options

Having the scry-like ability on minions (and so many of them have surveil) provide you with a lot more options and decisions.  Smooths out your draws, mana and answers.

Undergrowth is underwhelming

They’re decent late game. Early game they’re pretty trash and useless. And if you’re both slow decks, it might not trigger late game even.

Five Health is the key

Any minion with five health/toughness is really hard to remove. A lot of minions with 4 attacks or 4 health. Five!

Cards that pulled their weight


I really want to try my hands on UB in my next sealed. Surveil seems like such a fun mechanic. Oh, and there’s this card – Artful Takedown.

Be sure to check out my open beta survival guide here!

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