Magic Arena is filled with ways to earn rewards such as gold, cards, packs and even decks! Knowing all the ways to unlock these rewards will help you boost your collection and decks faster.

Daily Quests

Quests and Gold!

Every day you get a new quest that you can complete to earn gold. You can store up to three (3) quests at a time. Simply fulfill their requirements to earn the reward.

Examples of quests include casting 20 spells of a certain color, playing 40 lands, or playing 40 creatures.

The gold rewards are either 500 or 750 gold, depending on the quest difficulty.

Maximizing Quest Gold Reward
You can re-roll one quest per day. So you should re-roll a 500 gold quest until it becomes a 750 gold quest. If unsuccessful, you can try re-rolling it again the next day. Remember to make sure your quest is not full. If so, complete a quest to make room.

Daily Wins Reward

Left: Daily Reward / Right: Weekly Reward

Every time you win a game, no matter the game type, you will receive a daily reward—gold or individual card reward (ICR). This reward goes up to 15 wins per day. The count resets everyday at 3 AM PST.

The wins are based on games, not matches. So if you win a best of 3 match, it will count as two wins.

The individual card reward is a random uncommon card (standard legal). It has a 7% chance to upgrade to a rare and a 4% chance to upgrade to a mythic.

Daily Rewards List (Click to expand)
Wins Reward
1 250 gold
2 100 gold
3 100 gold
4 100 gold
5 1 ICR
6 50 gold
7 1 ICR
8 50 gold
9 1 ICR
10 50 gold
11 1 ICR
12 25 gold
13 1 ICR
14 25 gold
15 1 ICR
4 Wins A Day
If your time is limited, or you do not want to grind that many wins, I recommend trying to get at least 4 wins a day. In any type of games.

Weekly Wins Reward

Every 5 wins, you will receive a pack of the latest set. You can earn a maximum of three packs for a total of 15 wins. This reward unlocks naturally throughout the week, I wouldn’t worry about grinding it unless you want those pack as soon as possible.

The weekly timer resets on Sunday at 3 AM PST.

The Vault

The Vault is a reward system that is unlocked once you have collected enough duplicate cards (fifth copies of a card). Learn more here.

New Player Experience Rewards

The New Player Experience (NPE) extends past the initial tutorial and the decks they awarded. Every day there is NPE quest for you to complete. The reward is either a pack from one of Magic sets or a preconstructed deck.

The NPE offer players to quickly start playing Magic!

Once you complete a NPE quest, you will need to wait till the next day to receive a new one.

There are currently two types of NPE Quests and you can complete one of each type a day:

  • Play a game, which will reward you with a deck
  • Cast X amount of Y spells, which will reward you with a pack
An NPE Quest

NPE decks are an excellent way to quickly bolster your collection (since they give you all the cards that comes with the deck) and also to start playing right away with a deck that have specific themes and synergies.

Learn more about the New Player Experience system here.

Wildcard Rewards

Wildcards are given out as rewards too! Learn how to earn wildcard rewards here.