The New Player Experience (NPE) system is a series of tutorials and quests that is designed to teach and guide players in how to play Magic the Gathering Arena.

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The Tutorials

Players will go through five tutorial games where they are taught the basic rules and mechanics of Magic. Upon completion, the player will be rewarded with various cards and five mono colored decks (and all its cards).

Skipping the Tutorial
You will get the cards and the five free decks even if you skip the tutorials.
NPE reward players with decks and cards!

The Quest Chain

After completing/skipping the tutorial, the player is brought to the main menu. The NPE quest is located on the right of the line of quests that appear near the bottom of the main screen. It will have a planeswalker symbol on it to differentiate itself as a NPE quest.

Players can only complete one unlock-a-deck quest per day. Once completed, the player can complete a follow-up quest to cast spells in the same color as the deck that they just unlocked for a pack reward. Then the player will need wait till the next day for a new unlock-a-deck quest.

An NPE Quest

To summarize—a player can complete the following NPE quests once per day:

  1. Play a game to unlock a deck
  2. Cast 40 spells in the same colors of the deck unlocked

Once the player has unlocked five decks this way, there will be one final NPE quest where the player can unlock the five remaining decks at once.

Save Your Wildcards
It is recommended to save your wildcards until you have unlocked all 15 decks. This way you will not waste any wildcards on cards that you may get from these free decks. Learn more about wildcards here.