Booster Packs in Magic The Gathering Arena are a bit different than the ones from paper Magic and Magic Online. Here is a complete breakdown of their differences and similarities!

Regular Packs

Ral, Izzet Viceroy is a mythic rarity card.
Example of a mythic rarity card.

The regular packs (earned from quests, rewards and purchased from the store) in MTG Magic Arena contain a total of 8 cards. You can tell the rarity of a card by looking at the expansion symbol located on the right-middle of a card.

  • 5 commons (black color)
  • 2 uncommons (silver color)
  • 1 mythic (dark orange color) or rare (gold color)

Each card in the pack have a chance to be upgraded to a wildcard that shares the same rarity.

Regular card packs are bought from the store for 1,000 gold or 200 gems.


A wildcard can be redeemed for any card of the same rarity. It is a very valuable resource and one of the main ways to acquire specific cards that constructed players need to complete their decks.

A pack with a common and uncommon card upgraded to wildcards
A pack with a common and uncommon card upgraded to wildcards

Below is a table that shows the chance of a card being upgraded to a wildcard of the same rarity:

Wildcard Upgrade Chance (Click to expand)
Card Rarity Chance to Upgrade to a Wildcard
Common 33%
Uncommon 20%
Rare 4%
Mythic 4%

You can also obtain wildcards from two additional ways:

  1. The action of opening packs will get you wildcard rewards (wildcard track)
  2. Unlocking the Vault rewards wildcards. Learn more about the Vault here.

Wildcard Track Reward and Progress

Wildcard Track Reward Progress
Wildcard Track Reward Progress

Every time you open a pack, you will progress on the wildcard track. When you fill up the bar, you will get a wildcard reward and the bar resets.

Your wildcard track progress can be found in the ‘Packs’ tab section of the client. The progress bar is located on the top right of that page.

  • Uncommon and Rare wildcard track requires 6 bars of progress (so 6 packs opened)
  • Mythic wildcard requires 24 bars of progress

Whenever you open a pack, progress is made and applied to all of the wildcard tracks. Each player start their Magic Arena journey with 3 progress bar filled for the uncommon wildtrack.

Sealed and draft packs are different than regular packs
Sealed and draft packs are different than regular packs

Draft and Sealed Packs

Now, the packs provided in drafts and sealed in Magic The Gathering Arena follows the same distribution rules as their paper counterpart. The only difference is that there are no foil versions of the cards in Magic Arena Limited packs. Each pack provided in draft and sealed events contain 15 cards:

  • 10 commons
  • 3 uncommons
  • 1 mythic or rare
  • 1 basic land
No Basic Land in Guilds of Ravnica Pack
For Guilds of Ravnica, the basic land slot is replaced with a random guild gate land card.

No Wild Cards

It is important to know that while the packs from draft and sealed contain more cards (and you get to keep those cards in your collection), they have the following restrictions:

  •  They will not contain any wild cards.
  • They will not provide progression towards wild card rewards.

So it is up to you to weigh the pros and cons of whether you want to spend your gold and gems on opening regular packs or entering events and opening draft/sealed packs, with a chance of earning more currency, cards and packs.

Constructed vs Limited
If you’re a constructed player, opening regular packs will get you wild cards faster and allow to you acquire specific cards. Limited players will enjoy more use out of their currency by entering limited format events.