Here are some of the more commonly asked questions in Magic The Gathering Arena!

How does the Vault work?

The Vault is currently Wizards’ solution to the fifth card problem. But they are not happy with it and it will be changed soon.

What happens when I get a fifth copy of a card?

The fifth copy will be turned into progress points for opening the Vault.

What are events?

Events are activities that you can participate for an entry fee (rare occasions they are free). You compete with other players and earn rewards based on your record.  Learn more about event type and their rewards here.

What are formats?

Formats are how Magic is played. There are two main formats—Limited and Constructed.

What is Limited format?

Limited format means that the card and packs are provided to you by the event, you build a deck out of those cards and compete with other players use that deck. Drafts and sealed are types of limited format events.

What is Constructed format?

Constructed format is where players bring their own decks and compete at the event. Standard, modern and singleton are examples of a constructed format event. Magic Arena currently only supports standard formats. Singleton are available during special events.

What are the structure of the matches? How many games?

Depending on the event, matches can be best of 1 (whoever wins the first game), or best of 3 (whoever win two games).

If an event is has noted by the word ‘Competitive‘ then it will be best of 3 matches.

What is the New Player Experience (NPE)?

The New Player Experience is a system designed to help new players get started in Magic The Gathering Arena. It is made up of five tutorials (skippable) and a series of quests where it rewards the players with packs and decks.

Will there be any more wipes or account reset?

No. There are currently no further plans for wipes. Everything you have will be moved to release once the final game launches.