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Risk and Consistency

This pool poses a question that a lot of sealed players have faced before–what happens if I open a lot of good cards in 2 colors but there are not enough early playables in those 2 colors? Should I risk splashing a third color or go for consistency?

The Pool

Rivals Sealed Pool January 30 2018
Rivals Sealed Pool January 30 2018

The non-creature spells:

Non-creature spells
Non-creature spells

The Decks

I put together a total of 4 decks—BW Vampire, RW Dino, GW Dino and RGw Dino. The BW Vampire felt the most consistent but it’s quite low power with minimal removals and payoffs. The RGw Dino contains the best cards, lots of removals but just shy of a couple of early drops.

RGw Dino
RGw Dino

Meanwhile, the BW Vampire deck is sorely lacking in fliers and removals.

BW Vampire
BW Vampire (ignore the green splash)

Splashing a third color, especially for 2 drops, really makes it rough to curve out. The presence of aggro decks in Rivals makes it more punishing if you miss the early drops.

Relying on off-color 2 drop is just not worth it, it is only awesome when you have the right mana and drop it early, but the gamble is too risky.

In the end, I went with the RGw Dino deck with a few more tweaks. I left just one Plains in, took out the Famish Paladin and Siegehorn Triceratops, left the Squire’s Devotion in and added Shake the Foundations and Colossal Dreadmaw. Basically forgoing early game for consistent late-game payoffs!

With the removals from red and lifelink from Squire’s Devotion, it is my goal to stall till late game when I can start dropping bigger creatures and catch up.


Despite a couple of stumbles to aggro merfolk decks, I managed to squeeze in a 6-3 record, netting me 290 play points and 8 tickets (after selling Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca).

One interesting thing to note is that if you happen to have two creatures with the same name, and they get targeted by your opponent’s Mutiny, there is no way to tell which one is dealing the damage and which one is taking the damage! This happened to me and I even had a pump spell to save one but I did not feel like flipping a coin and waste a card. You can follow the reddit discussion on this problem here. FYI!