Putting together a Control Deck

Control decks should aim to stall the early and mid game and have a big pay off at the end. I attempted a controlling game plan with this pool!

This was the pool I opened today (creatures in the first image, and the rest in the second image):

Creature Pool
Creature Pool
Non-creature Pool
The Rest of the Pool

Despite having 4 dual lands, there was no room nor cards worth splashing for.

Black had an abundance of removals—5 in total, 6 counting Tetzimoc, Primal Death! Despite having minimal black creatures, I think black will still be one of the two main colors I want to build around.

  • Pairing it with white gives me access to more early drops and three more removals
  • Pairing it with blue gives me more removals (Waterknot) and evasive creatures (Slippery Scoundrel, Soul of the Rapids, Spire Winder)
  • Pairing it with green seems fine, but nothing exciting and no extra removals/instants

Utilizing the abundance of removals (if I pair it with white or blue), this may be the start of a control deck and with pay off cards like Golden Guardian and evasive creatures to close out the games.

The Decks

Here are the two decks I have built from the pool:

BW Control
BW Control
UB Control
UB Control

For the UB Control, I’m also thinking of swapping Negate for Pirate’s Cutlass or Fell Flagship for another pseudo-creature.

The Results

Results: 8-1
Results: 8-1

I was surprised how the BW version felt much better than the UB version. I assumed UB was better in theory.

  • The two drops from white and the awkward double blue cost of Waterknot makes the BW version much, much smoother.
  • The UB deck did not make ascend as easy compared to my past experiences with other ascend decks, due to it being a heavy non-creature deck. This makes the pay off of hitting ascend not as enticing.
  • The BW vampire synergy (though not much) also upped the power level of the deck.
  • Golden Guardian just ends games consistently once the board has been stabilized.
  • Be sure to have late game pay off cards and methods to stall the board early game when putting together control (also called durdle) decks.

I ended up going 8-1, netting me 310 play points and 7 tickets (from selling the booster packs).