Limited Sealed: Asking for Advice
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Magic Online

I enjoy and play a lot of sealed and draft on Magic Online. While it is true that the game looks like it is from 1995 and it requires a lot of patience to learn the user interface, it is still the best way to improve your card skills due to the number of games you can play versus the paper version.

My favorite format is friendly sealed league because

  • It is less intense than competitive sealed league, which great for practicing and newer players
  • You get to play 9 games instead of 5 (in competitive league), allowing you to play & practice more
  • It is easier to make your entry fee back and then some, allowing to play sealed indefinitely

I want to start sharing my process and results of my sealed games with the magic community and also so that I can look back and reflect on my deck building decisions and card choices.


Here’s my pool from a friendly Rivals of Ixalan sealed league (started 29th January 218):

Rivals of Ixalan Friendly League Sealed Pool
Rivals of Ixalan Friendly League Sealed Pool

I then use the filters to go through the pool—creatures, non-creature spells, removals, artifacts etc. I want to identify my main and support colors (if any). I noticed that I had a very low number of removals and playable non-creature spells.

Non creature spells
Minimal number of playable non-creature spells

After some time, I came up with a UG merfolk decklist with the goal to rush down the opponent. The decklist was hurting a lot for non-creature spells.

Blue Green Merfolk
Blue Green Merfolk

Each pool presents their own unique deck building challenges. I was scratching my head on how to approach this pool with the low number of non-creature playable spells. So I turned to the community for advice and the lrcast subreddit is the place I go to for limited feedback. (Where do you go for feedback?)

Here’s my post seeking advice from the subreddit community. As you can see, there were a lot of helpful replies and great suggestions. I went back to the deck builder and re-evaluated the colors and decided on a BGw deck.

Green Black Good Stuff splashing White
Green Black Good Stuff splashing White

I splashed white to play a single Luminous Bonds. Elaborate Firecannon to act as my pseudo-removal, turning extra lands into ammunition.



I won 8 out of 9 matches. The one loss came during the 3rd match of the 1st stage. The opponent managed to stack enchantments on their 1/3 vampire flier and beat me down severely.

After trading my cards with CardhoarderBuyBot and GoatBots (always compare the prices between buy bots! I made an extra ticket by comparing and selling to the higher bot for certain cards), I netted overall 18 Tickets, 310 Play Points, 1 Rivals and 1 Ixalan Booster. 

  • The biggest weakness of this deck were enemy fliers. Most of my removals and -3 on Vraska had to deal with fliers.
  • I was surprised at the power of Elaborate Firecannon. It generated a lot of value shooting down small creatures and it just gets better as the game goes longer.
  • I had very smooth matches. The games where I did flood, I was not hurt as bad due to the late game good stuff and the cannon.
  • Jungleborn Pioneer has been great at slowing down aggro decks with menace.
  • It’s true that ascend is easy to activate!


Hope you guys enjoyed this write-up and I plan to do more of these! The advice from the subreddit community has been extremely helpful. Without them, I’d still be stuck on the problem of not having enough non-creature spells and not looking for other kinds of solutions.

If you have any tips or feedback, please leave them in the comments below. Whether it’s about your own process methods, where do you go to get feedback or trading tips on Magic Online!