I managed to open a decent pool of Dimir (blue black) cards and decided to go for it. Despite having no bomb rares in Dimir, I really wanted to give it a go. Surveil seems really good, but just how good?

Dimir Sealed 7 Wins

I recreated the deck list on MTGGoldfish if you wish to look at the cards more closely.

Wishcoin Crab

I’ll list out some pointers and thoughts on Dimir:

  • While there are some powerful Dimir rares, you do not need them to win. Surveil makes Dimir the most consistent deck I have ever played.
  • Mnemonic Betrayal was the only rare in my deck and it only mattered in one game out of the 4 times I drew it. 3 mana cost is just too much to cast anything else worthwhile from your opponent’s graveyard.
  • Do your best to splash for a 3rd color. Especially for extra removals.
  • Wishcoin Crab is the sleeper card. 5 toughness is the key number. It held off a lot of tough creatures with 4 attacks.

Signature Cards

Here are some cards that really put in the work:

Cards I Want to Try Next

It’s unfortunate I missed out on some of the other interesting Dimir cards. I hope to open them at tomorrow’s prerelease!

No More Sealed For Me

Mnemonic Betrayal
Mnemonic Betrayal

Right now, regular sealed (best of 1, 7 wins or 3 losses, recoup entry fee at 6 wins or more) is not really appealing at all. It’s far, far easier to go infinite on casual league on Magic Online and Magic Online is much more expensive than Magic Arena.

You only recoup your entry fees at 6 wins and you can not do anything with the extra packs that you won or cards you opened (if you are a limited player). So at maximum wins, 7, you win an extra 200 gems. 10% of the entrance fee for going all the way to the end.

It is a big problem that limited players can not do anything with the packs they win from events. They are only good for building constructed decks. In Magic Online, players could use the packs they win to enter events. We could also sell the cards we opened from packs to get more tickets (tickets are used to enter more events). This makes playing regular sealed on Magic Arena extremely bad EV (expected value) for a limited player.

2200 gems is really lack luster. Hopefully competitive mode is better!
2200 gems is really lack luster. Hopefully competitive mode is better!

I’m looking forward to next week when the competitive draft is unlocked. You can recoup your entry fee at 3 wins (best of 3, 5 wins or 2 losses). However, the power level of draft will be much, much higher since you are drafting against computer opponents and it’s not uncommon for them to pass you bomb rares, uncommons and commons.

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