I’ve been playing quite a lot of limited and I wanted to share some of the deck lists I used to achieve 5 win runs and my thoughts on the archtypes as well.

Power Levels

I would rank the guilds in the following order:

  1. Boros / Dimir
  2. Selesnya
  3. Izzet
  4. Golgari

Now to be fair, I never had an opportunity to settle into Izzet. They really need a lot of spells and Pistons to get going and it’s too easy to switch to Boros during the draft.

Golgari’s undergrowth is underwhelming.

One thing I did notice is that the opponents and games become much softer at around 7 PM EST onwards. Playing after 7 felt like scouting poker rooms for the fishies.


Boros, using the color combination of red and white, is perhaps the most popular and aggressive archtype in Guilds of Ravnica. Successfully triggering mentors on your one and two drops usually seal the games. Any deck you put together must have a game plan against Boros opponents.

Boros Aggro 5-0
Boros Aggro 5-0
Boros Fail 0-2. Perhaps too much non creatures?


Selesnya Conclave, green and white, utilizes the convoke mechanic to flood out big minions early game. I would rank Selesnya slightly behind Boros and Dimir in power level. Selesyna is well suited to fight against Boros due to their self heal options. Green is also great at splashing for a third color.

Selesnya 5-1


My favorite archtype so far. Blue and black make up the Dimir colors. I enjoy playing Dimir against all other archtypes except Boros. Hand discard with Disinformation can really lock down your opponent.

Dimir 5-0
Sneaking in wins with Whispering Snitch. Whisper Agents turn my Darkblade Agents into pseudo-removals.

Bulk of my drafts are in the 3 wins and 2 losses range, which I can’t complain since it keeps the train going. What are some of the deck lists that you’ve reached 5-X with?

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