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Vault Progress as a Limited Player

Vault Progress as a Limited Player and My Limited Record

I share my findings on Vault progress as a limited/draft player and my draft record so far!

Dominaria Draft 7 Win Deck Lists

Dominaria Draft 7 Wins Decks

Regular Dominaria (DOM) draft opened up on Thursday October 25th and I dove right in, having never played with Dominaria cards before.

What's Happening with Magic Arena?

So What’s Happening with Magic Arena?

We're approaching the one month mark since Magic Arena Open launched and everything is pretty quiet…

5-0 Competitive Draft Guilds of Ravnica Deck Lists

5-X Competitive Draft Deck Lists

I've been playing quite a lot of limited and I wanted to share some of the deck lists I used to achieve 5 win runs and my thoughts on the archtypes as well.

Magic the Gathering Arena Open Beta Review

After a Week of Magic Arena Open Beta

The game has improved so much since closed beta and I have to say Wizards have really have done a good job with the game.

Guilds of Ravnica Prerelease Weekend

My 15-1 Run on Prerelease Weekend!

Playing paper magic on prerelease weekends is one of the things I look forward to every 3 months!

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